How the Outside Spirits caught me...

I spent my childhood playing in the woods and lakes of Alabama. I remember night time dewy bare feet, sweet child sweat and watching the lightning bugs and the silhouette of black trees as the dusky blue sky merged into darkness. Prickly grass tickled my feet. The air smelled thick with the seasons.

Headstrong and 18, I thought I’d had enough of climbing trees and building forts. I aimed to wander far from these roots, and left to study textile design at The Rhode Island School of Design. The need for Southern soil took hold quickly. Nearly every project during those college years revolved around the red dirt of Alabama and the essence of Southern nature.

The South’s call beckoned me back, to Louisiana, where creativity began bubbling through my spirit once again. New Orleans became home, and I married a Caribbean jazz violinist. Two children entered the scene. With happy jazz melodies floating through the air, and new lives exploring the world with wild delight, a fresh curiosity sparked in my creative process. I rediscovered the delight of our natural world and its undulations. In response, my artwork explores life's beautiful unexpectedness as I blend the humor, quietude, and sense of possibility inherent in our rhythms of existence. Textures, color and unique ways of application all play a role as I explore our exquisite world.

The fabric found in each tapestry comes from a textile assemblage of my life. Many of the scraps I wove on a loom, or knit during college. After hauling these materials around for years, the heavy piles demanded new life. Some scraps are old clothes that people passed along; my husband’s linen pants that had a few too many stains, my grandmother’s muumuu dress from the 70s, and loom scraps from a local company. The fabric itself tells a story behind the more immediate narrative in each piece.