How the Outside Spirits caught me...

I spent my childhood playing in the woods and lake. I remember night time dewy bare feet, watching the lightning bugs bloom, and the silhouette of black trees as the dusky blue sky merged into darkness. Prickly grass tickled my feet. The air smelled thick with the seasons.

At 18, dismissing my natural propensity for bare feet, I sought an urban grid, and left to study textile design and art history at The Rhode Island School of Design. Patterns, color, and textures swept my heart away. 

New Orleans became home after college, and I married a Caribbean jazz violinist. Two children entered the scene. With music floating through the air, and two wild young things in the tropical palms and Caribbean heat, I rediscovered the delight of our natural world and its undulations. And the sacredness of animals. In response, my designs dance with humor, quietude, and the brightness of playful possibilities. I hope you feel comfortable leaving a bit of sand on your feet as you enter their space.