I have the pleasure to announce that I graduated from Loyola two weeks ago, with my Masters in Mental Clinical Health Counseling! It’s been a three-year journey full of jubilant personal moments: meeting my love in research class, a marriage, a baby, and three knee surgeries to top it off (a less jubilant aspect)! There’s been so much joy, and also much perseverance.

Counseling helped me develop respect for every person’s unique gifts. We all have them, vast and remarkable. With that realization came a recognition, of the sacredness inherent in my creative process; the quietude, the dark moments, and the bursting clarity and excitement. I honor it. I sink, fly, and zoom through patterns, colors, and ideas. I take deep breaths. As my life transitions in new ways, I’m encouraging myself to share my adventures, and the fruits of labor! Here are a few to get us rolling. I hope you enjoy these thoughts and images as much as I enjoy putting them into the world!