Carnival Time Notes

January blew in as a breath of fresh air this year. And with it, a distinct urge to cloister myself in the studio, churning out pieces that have been stewing in my mind for months. And now! February is upon us, along with the merriment of Carnival. Delicate notes of music and a steady drum line waft through the air as the high school bands prepare for parades. And the contagious energy of New Orleans explodes right about now!

Mardi Gras formerly held a bit of an endurance race for me. These days, life is different. I kick back and ride the unpredictable waves in a milder fashion. This year, part of that involves a significant amount of time staying warm, cozy, and well fed at Mosquito Supper Club's latest takeover. They're in Cleaver and Co. (3917 Baronne St), for breakfast, lunch, and weekend suppers (Feb. 6-9). It's right by the parade route, and my studio is immediately above! A couple of textile creations by yours truly are warming up the walls, that typically hold raw meat. Major transformations. Now go eat.

In addition to making sure I get every last purple/yellow/green King Cake sprinkle that comes my way, I'm creating a spring collection that will be unveiled in May. Consisting of enormous textile collages, the collection speaks the joy found in the tiny, seemingly insignificant moments of our lives. Constantly, these moments afford us the opportunity to feel frustration, boredom, really the entire gambit of emotions. Rarely, but hopefully, a wild joy arises in recognizing life is being lived. And these collages stem from that pocket of experience.I can't wait to show you!

Whether you live in New Orleans or beyond, have a safe and deliriously happy Carnival Time!

Take care, 


 Fat Tuesday 2013

Fat Tuesday 2013