Failure! Quel Horreur!

Nobody likes to fail. Ammm I right?

I’ve mentioned on this blog before that after finishing a four year degree in art, I more or less stopped making it for years. Physical and emotional burnout had a lot to do with it, but there was something more stewing around inside me. Now that I've had several years of distance, I've realized it was a basic fear of failure.

When my cousin Cammie graduated from high school, my Uncle Inge spoke at the commencement. I remember the evening vividly. Smartly sporting a white daisy dress (high 90s fashion), my third grade self even wore a matching blue sailor hat. More importantly, my uncle fervently repeated, “Follow your bliss. Follow your bliss.” That stuck with me.

I recently watched THIS youtube video of Steve Jobs’ commencement speech at Stanford University. Steve spoke beautifully of the immense, sometimes overpowering despair inherent in following a passion. There’s just so much on the line when pursuing something you really care about! However, he also spoke of the powerful joy and discovery that following your bliss may induce. Each soul on this earth has a calling, and by looking mortality in the face, our priorities realign with our truth.

For me, staring at the miracle of my child’s sheer existence puts these thoughts into perspective. Both Eric and I hope to live by example for Eva; realizing that our passions may require extra work, heartache, frustration, and ten times more grind and hustle. But no other feeling matches the euphoric moments of following a passion. Our sacred lives are too short, and full of possibility to squander with mediocrity and status quo!

 Our concrete jungle made beautiful

Our concrete jungle made beautiful

Now, switching trains entirely, I have a bit of news to share with you! I'm so happy to announce that this evening I'm featured on Steve Martin's TV show, Made In New Orleans. The show airs weekly at 8pm on PBS / WLAE, and features two artist interviews and studio tours. I had a great time filming, and it's probably the closest I'll ever come to TV stardom. (Not that I really want that, but maybe my secret five year old self gets a bit giddy over it.) But seriously, the affirmation of the experience made me smile all week.

Happy Monday to you all!

Take care,