Bayou Paradise

Ever been to bayou paradise?

Amidst monsoon rains, thunder booms, Zeus inspired lightning bolts, and undaunted swooping White Ibis birds, I spent the weekend at my personal version of paradise: Bayou Pigeon. I absorbed the rainy wonderment from a screened porch outfitted with rocking chairs and the most gracious hosts this side of the Mississippi. After munching vacation snacks and rocking lazy bones, the clouds dissipated for a twilight interlude of fishing.

Fish were caught, but that's not even the most exciting part. Wait for it...

 In case you're wondering - No, I did not catch a single fish.

In case you're wondering - No, I did not catch a single fish.

Every artist brings paint to the bayou. It's a given. So we toweled off these bad boys, and squirted India Ink all over them. Then we rubbed them down real good. FYI it's a good idea to have a 2-4 year old to help you with this part. Or several. But it's up to you.

 An inked up fish ready to go!

An inked up fish ready to go!

Next, we pressed our paper on top, rubbing the fish's body, paying extra attention to those sexy gill lines and tails.

Hopping from fish to fish between ink, small children, and wine glasses, we unleashed the spirited personalities of each catch to paper.

And voila ! Our own Gyotaku Prints right out in bayou lands!

The Bass assume an otherwordly demeanor as their graphic textures vibrate on the paper. The immediate results satisfied the giddy kid inside of me, and the fish filets for supper were doubly satiable. I highly recommend trying it for yourself. Or better yet, call me up next time you go fishing.



ps. I wasn't kidding about that fishing trip.